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Metal Braces

  • Metal braces are a very popular choice for many people because of their comfort and style.
  • These traditional braces are made of high-grade stainless steel, metal brackets, and archwires.
  • Metal braces are the most common type of braces and are customizable with the addition of colourful rubber bands for a unique look.

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The design

Metal Braces Colors

Everyone can choose a colour they like to make their braces on of a kind! Colourful elastics bind the wires to the braces to straighten your teeth in style. With every braces adjustment you are able to change the colour of your braces bands. Your options for your elastics are limitless! You can mix and match any colours you want: the same colour on the top and bottom, different colours on the top and the bottom, or multi-coloured bands on both! Picking the colour of your elastics is a fun experience and gives you control over your braces. You can change your elastics to celebrate a holiday, a special occasion, or even to match the colours of your favourite sports team. With a large variety of colours available, you can match your braces to any occasion.

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Embracing the Future: How long will I need to wear Metal Braces?

This varies from each person as the length of time you will need braces depends on several factors. The average length of time is anywhere from a year or two or more. When getting a consultation for braces you should consider several goals which will determine how long you will need braces. These goals can include the extent of the dental condition being treated, or how the orthodontist wants to treat you, and what the ultimate outcome should be. The younger you are, the faster you will see results with braces!

First Step:

    The first step to getting your metal braces is to schedule a consultation with us! Our orthodontic team will help you determine if metal braces are right for you. Because of the large array of different orthodontic treatments available, getting to know you and your orthodontic needs is essential. If you need other treatment such as tooth extractions prior to getting braces, your orthodontist may recommend this as well.

Second Step:

    During your first visit at our office, you will need to have an accurate mold made of your teeth and their positions. In order to do this, your orthodontist will first take photographs or x-rays of your whole mouth and individual teeth. After the photographs and x-rays are taken, your orthodontist will use soft impression material to create the mold of your teeth.

Third Step:

    The most important step to take before having your braces on is to brush your teeth! After this, the initial procedure is painless. Your orthodontist will begin by applying an adhesive material onto your teeth to make an ideal and smooth surface for bonding. This material is placed on the back of the braces brackets, and the brackets are hardened under a light once they are in place. After this, the dental arch wires are put in place, and additional bands are added. This entire process can take around a few hours, but then you made it!

Fourth Step:

    After your braces are put on, you will come in for adjustments every month or two. Because the wires and bands can weaken over time, it is important to come in and get them adjusted. Your orthodontist will also be able to review the progress your teeth have made. During your adjustment appointments, you can switch the colours of your braces bands! With so many colours available, your options are limitless!

Fifth Step:

    You made it to your final appointment and are about to see your beautiful smile! Removing your braces is a quick and painless procedure, so you won’t have to wait too long! After your orthodontist removes the brackets and bonding adhesive material, you will be able to see your perfect smile. After getting your braces removed, ask your orthodontist about how to take care of your new smile: you may need retainers to help your teeth remember their new positions. Continue to brush and floss your teeth regularly, and enjoy your beautiful and healthy teeth!