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Girl in my class

I used to hate going to school, I always fought with this girl in my class and I absolutely hated her! When I was getting my braces done, I noticed that she was there getting braces too! It was such a crazy coincidence that I started talking to her and realized she is an amazing person. Ever since then we are best friends, and this would not have happened if it weren’t for my braces!

blah blah blah

I got my braces five years ago at Advanced Dental NYC and I absolutely love them! But I still remember the very first day I got them clearly. After I got my braces, I was so excited to show everyone at school. After I got my braces, one of the assistants at office was telling me about what I can and can’t do now that I have braces, and to be honest all I heard was ‘blah blah blah’. So of course, the next day I had a stick of gum right before school, and guess what? My entire mouth was glued shut when I get there! I couldn’t even open my mouth to explain to my teacher why I was late. I ended up taking a piece of paper and writing ‘I got braces’ on it and cracked my mouth open a little to show my teacher. He burst out laughing at me and let me go home so I could go back to Mybraces office. I was the very first patient they took when I got to office and I saw the same assistant who helped me last time. She told that she knew I was going to be back, and I always laugh at myself when I think about this moment.