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After the time comes to take off your braces and reveal your new beautiful smile, retainers are needed to maintain the positions your teeth have taken. The retainer ‘stage’ or orthodontic treatment is often overlooked with the excitement of getting your braces removed, however this is actually the most important part of getting your smile perfect. If you ignore your retainer, your teeth will go back to their former positions after all the time you have taken to perfect them.

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What Are Retainers?

A dental retainer is a custom-made device that prevents your teeth from shifting back to the positions they were in prior to your orthodontic treatment. Retainers can be fixed or removable, depending on what is prescribed to the patient by their orthodontist. Removable retainers are often made of plastic, with a single wire in the front. Fixed retainers however, can be a permanent wire bonded to backs of your teeth in order to maintain their positions.

Benefits of Fixed Retainers:

It is common to have a permanent retainer bonded to the backs of the teeth, making it invisible to others. Many patients prefer to have their retainers out of sight, which is easily achievable with a fixed retainer.

The most common problem people with a retainer experience is forgetting to put it on, forgetting to pack it on trips, or losing it. With a fixed retainer, this problem is gone!

A common side effect a patient may experience while using a removable retainer is developing slight speech issues. With a fixed retainer, there is no need to worry about this.

A fixed retainer is a small and easy to use appliance, and causes absolutely no discomfort to the patient wearing it. A fixed retainer will maintain your beautiful smile with no responsibilities!

Benefits of Removable Retainers:

A removable retainer does not need to be worn all day, although this depends on the treatment your orthodontist recommends. Most patients may only need to wear the retainer at night.
Because it is removable, patients can easily clean their removable retainer. This allows them to brush and floss their teeth with no complications or fear of damaging their retainer.
Although they may only need to be worn at night or for a certain amount of time throughout the day, removable retainers are clear which makes the nearly impossible to notice.
With a removable retainer, patients do not need to have any worry about discomfort. In the case that any discomfort does arise, the retainer can be easily removed until the problem is fixed.
If there is damage that is done to the retainer or any discomfort that is caused by the retainer, either removable or fixed, you must schedule an appointment with Advanced Dental NYC immediately! The issue must be solved as soon as possible to ensure you can maintain your beautiful and healthy new smile.